Monday, November 15, 2010

Knotty Bicsie Handmade-A-Fair 2010

For this year's Handmade-A-Fair, instead of showcasing crafters like last year, Knotty Bicsie will be showcasing a group of talented instructors who are dedicated to share their passion & craft :) There are limited seats for every workshops. So do sign up early to avoid disappointment. Closing date for registration: 5th Dec 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

KBCC #23 - Colour Pencils

In view of the soon arrival of my little girl, I've decided to stop KBCC for the time-being, until I adapt to my mew role as a mummy :) KBCC met for our last crafting session for this year 2010, last saturday on 24th April 2010. For the 1st time since KBCC shifted our venue to Knotty Bicsie Crafting Studio, we met with some rain at he beginning of our session... Mixed feelings...
For this month's activity, we explored the vast possibilities of colour pencils (both water-soluble & non-water-soluble) as a medium. Colour pencil has always been one of my favourite medium. It's easy to handle, clean & neat :)
As usual, we had our yummy makan time! :) This month, we had yummy 933 Golden Pillow Curry Chicken Bun... When we ran out of curry gravy, KBCC-ians asked for Kaya & we had Kaya Bun for dessert! hehe...
Check out our brilliant work-in-progress! :)))

Monday, March 29, 2010

KBCC #22 - Friendship Pen

After stopping for a month in Febraury, we are once again back for more crafting last Saturday! :) This time, we did something which I enjoyed doing alot for my friends & teachers during my Primary & Secondary school days - Friendship Pen. We basically weaved our names & patterns onto regular, plain-looking pens.
As simple as it may look, to weave the alphabets, while coiling the pen, actually requires quite a bit of concentration & imagination. Look how everyone's deep in concentration... :P
When we were finally done, our playful Rita & Moses had lotsa fun posing with their masterpieces! Aren't they cute?? lol... :D
Check out our vibrant work of heart! :)
Since last Saturday was a small group, we decided to just get KFC :P Had a looong nice chat over makan... & KBCC ended much later than usual :)

Special Announcement
KBCC will be meeting for a LAST session for 2010 on 24th April 2010 (Sat). After which I will be taking a break to prepare for the arrival of my Little Princess Edda :) Hopefully by 2011 I will have fully adapted to this new phase of my life & can once again rekindle the dynamites of KBCC :) Details of our last session as follows:
KBCC #23 - Colour Pencils
Date: 24th April 2010 (Sat)
Time: 3.30-6pm
Venue: Knotty Bicsie Home Studio
Things to bring: Any sort of colour pencils.
Registration: S$10/pax
RSVP: Pls email by 19th April 2010 (Mon) to confirm your attendance.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

KBCC #21 - Pocket Tissue Cover

Last Sat, as usual, KBCC met up again to craft. This time round, we did some sewing & made a pocket tissue cover, which we all jokingly claimed that it'll now be our beautiful "tool" to "chop" tables @hawker centres with, with much pride! hehe... :P
Some of us chose to hand-sew, while others happily try our hands at my new sewing machine, which has proven to be very user friendly, even for beginners :) With sewing, of course we also did some ironing. We all had fun!
Check out our masterpieces! ;)

Our dear friend, Ee Wei, once again did her very own KBCC Craft & mail over to us, all the way from Canada. Now Jasper is the proud owner of Ee Wei's "made-with-love". Ee Wei, I've just mailed out Jasper's "made-with-love" out to you yesterday afternoon. So look out for a little surprise in your mailbox ;)
KBCC never goes without yummy food as reward after an afternoon of hardwork :P This time we had sedap lontong :) Despite the heat, everyone went for 2nd, some even 3rd helping, coz it's simply SEDAP! :)
As for dessert, we had chocolate cake in celebration of the February Babies' birthday. Shireen, Ellen & Jasper, here's wishing u once again a happy birthday & may all your wishes come true! :)
Special thanks to our wonderful friend, Suzanne of PeriwinkleSu, who has so generously shared her skills & craft. We love the fabrics u've chosen for us. They are all so pretty! Since this session is so well-received, Suzanne & I have decided to include this project into Knotty Bicsie's list of workshops officially! Details of our very 1st session is as follows...
Pocket Tissue Cover
Date: 20th March 2010 (Sat)
Time: 2-5pm
Limited seats available only.
So email Betsy ( to reserve a place now. :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

KBCC #20 - X'mas Gathering

We had a fun-filled X'mas gathering on Boxing Day. We even had 3 special guests - EeWei & Darcy, all the way from Edmonton; plus Mummy Jullie & Baby Joel! ;)
Since our gathering was on Boxing Day, a number of our "regulars" were not able to join us coz of family parties. Nevertheless, we still had a nice cosy potluck. :) We had our X'mas feast over a video conference with our crafting friend, EeWei, who is all the way in Edmonton, enjoying her white X'mas. EeWei was having super while we were having our early dinner. It really felt like we were feasting at the same table! Magic of technology... :)
After dinner, we had a movie screening of my favourite Animation - Up. Everyone totally enjoyed the show too :) Then we had a little game of Bingo & here are the 4 lucky winners...
Finally we had our gift exchange & everyone had a fun time wrapping our presents...
KBCC #21 - Tissue Pack Holder
Date: 30th Jan 2010 (Sat)
Time: 3.30-6pm
Venue: Knotty Bicsie Crafting Studio @Admiralty Drive
Things to bring: pencil, ruler, sewing thread & needle
Registration: S$10/pax, inclusive of fabrics & light refreshments
RSVP: email by 23rd Jan (Sat) to confirm your attendance

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

KBCC #19 - Hand-Stitched Journal

Long time no see... KBCC stopped for 1 session in October coz it was Knotty Bicsie's 3rd Anniversary Celebrations. We finally met up again last Sat (28th Nov) & made some pretty hand-stitched journals :)
I've been very busy for the past few months since September, & I think I almost have neglected KBCC a bit. Sorry! :( Thank goodness our KBCC Family is very closely-knitted & everyone's always very helpful & generous. This time Moses once again came to my rescue by helping to conduct this fruitful session. Thank you, Moses!
We were all busy cutting paper, folding paper, poking holes, & stitching... before we were rewarded with our makan session! We had yummy home-made keuh patti, courtesy of our new member, Suzanne. Thank you so much, Suzanne! ;)
Check out our colourful hand-stitched journals! Yay!

As for Dec's KBCC, since it falls on Boxing Day (26th Dec), we've decided to make it a KBCC X'mas Get-Together! We'll just do a potluck, then we'll have movie screening on an animation (title to be confirmed later). Suggested food list is as follows:
1) Halal Salad
2) Halal Pizza (Portion: 1pc)
3) Halal Chicken Wings (Portion: 10pcs)
4) Halal Satay (Portion: 20sticks)
5) Halal Pasta (Portion: 2pax)
6) Fruits
7) Desserts
8) Drinks (provided by ME :P)

KBCC X'mas Get-Together
Date: 26th dec 2009 (Sat)
Time: 3.30-6pm
Venue: Knotty Bicsie Crafting Studio @Blk 467B, Admiralty Drive (free shuttle bus from Sembawang MRT station)
Activities: video conference with EeWei, movie screening, makan, gift exchange, lucky draw
RSVP: F.O.C. Please email Betsy ( by 20th Dec to confirm your attendance & the food u are bringing.
As for the gift exchange, just bring a generic gift of about S$5.00, it can be either handmade or commercially bought :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

KBCC #18 - Pop-Up Cards

Last Saturday was KBCC once again. I was down with flu & cough :( Luckily Moses had agreed to stand in for me to teach the making of Pop-Up Cards. Moses even thoughtfully photocopied instruction sheets for all to follow. We all had a jolly good time, just as usual. :) Thanks, Moses!
Check out our colourful masterpieces!

Despite the usual hot weather @KBCC (we noticed that it has NEVER RAINED at all, ever since KBCC shifted back to Knotty Bicsie Studio!), we managed to finished all our Mee Siam! Yum... Yum... :)))

Special Announcement!!!
KBCC will stop for a session in October. On the last Saturday of October (31st October), we will be having Knotty Bicsie's 3rd Anniversary Celebrations instead! Just like last year, we'll be having our Knotty Tea Party; different from last year, we will be hosting a "Handmade-A-Fair" in our cosy studio this year!

All are welcome! Simply email Betsy ( to RSVP to reserve a goodie bag each. Check out Knotty Bicsie Blog on 1st October for more details. :)